Grand Central Market | Blog | New Vendor: Belcampo Meat Co. | Nobody does meat like Belcampo. They have basically rewritten the rules of the butcher business—literally from the ground up.
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New Vendor: Belcampo Meat Co.
September 23, 2013

Nobody does meat like Belcampo. They have basically rewritten the rules of the butcher business—literally from the ground up.

A few years ago, when the company's founders started to dream about doing meat 100% right, they decided that in order to get the best organic, grass-fed, and humanely-raised meat around, they would have to control 100% of the process. They started with the grass itself, finding an expansive ranch covered with lush pasture near Mount Shasta. Then they built up their herds of cattle, sheep, goats, and hogs, and they raised flocks of chickens, turkeys, and game birds. Then they created their own processing facility with guidance from the legendary animal advocate Temple Grandin. And finally, once they had all those pieces in place, they started to think about taking their special product to the public. Economist call that perfect vertical integration.

We call it perfectly delicious, and we're pretty much thrilled that Belcampo has chosen Grand Central Market for their first retail location in Los Angeles. They'll be starting work soon to build out their stall with gleaming new butcher cases, a new kitchen, and a service counter for their prepared food offerings, which will run the meaty gamut from hamburgers to menudo. If all goes according to plan, we'll be serving Belcampo meat at our New Year's Eve dinner.

Here's a good background article on Belcampo from the LA Times.

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