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ESOTOURIC TOUR PRESENTS: Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice Walking Tour

May 18, 2024

Saturday, May 18, 2024

From the founding of the city through the 1940s, downtown was the true center of Los Angeles, a lively, densely populated, exciting and sometimes dangerous place. After many quiet decades, downtown again became a destination. But while the historic buildings remain, their stories got lost.

Blending true crime, architecture and social history, this tour aims to revive the ghosts that cling to the bricks and alleyways and inside some time capsule buildings where the past is present.

This is a tour of the ribald, racy, raunchy old promenade where the better people simply did not travel, but kicks were had by all who did. Burlesque babes and tattoo artists, weird wax museums and dirty magazine stands, sophisticated steak houses and nickel donut dives — these were the pleasures and the people to be found along Main Street during the first half of the 20th century. We’ll visit the scenes of some more unforgettable debaucheries and share stories of bloodshed, smut, passion and commerce that bring a lost world to life.

This walking tour is illustrated with rare photos you can view on your smartphone.

Tour begins at 10:30am sharp, with check-in time 10am at the patio outside Grand Central Market at 324 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. Please arrive on time and proceed to the check in table to get signed in and logged in to the smartphone slideshow.

Parking: Grand Central Market Garage at 308 S Hill Street

Visit the link to purchase tickets:

Hotel Horrors & Main Street Vice Walking Tour | Esotouric

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