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311 Broadway

Goodfight presents "Everyday Technology" Pop-up

October 19, 2021

311 S Broadway between Grand Central Market and the Million Dollar Theater

Saturday October 9 to Tuesday October 19, 2021

Everyday Technology is Goodfight's decision to reimagine value in daily life. The pop-up shop experience will feature new clothing and objects, including a special collaboration with Corey San Augustin of Textile Terrarium. The brand designed and built an environment with Apt.1007 that we encourage visitors to take time to explore & interact with. Goodfight is a Los Angeles based fashion label. Their products can be found internationally at stores like Dover Street Market, Beams, Union, and others.

A message from Goodfight about the pop-up shop experience:

When we first started Goodfight, a friend visiting from Tokyo left a Japanese proverb he and his partner used as a constant reminder when they opened their first coffee shop. Translated it reads: “Remember the feeling you had in the beginning.” In January our team took a two-week vacation—the longest amount of time the four of us had spent apart in a while. When we came back together, we all had the same sense that over time there were things that gradually changed the way we operate. We found ourselves being driven by completing assignments, instead being driven by the things that originally inspired us: people we love, storytelling, and the magic of discovering new things.

So we decided to hit the refresh button. And that’s scary, especially in this industry. We’re afraid to lose things we’ve worked hard for. We’re afraid to lose the things we were lucky to get. But in the end, we realized that we’re more afraid to lose ourselves. And if finding yourself is the endgame, risking everything isn’t very scary at all.

We’ve been developing a special project called “Everyday Technology,” which includes non-seasonal pieces that applies our weird sensibility to the most beloved items in our customer’s daily closet. We are still making everything here in Los Angeles, with a carefully sourced mix of new & deadstock material. Every style has been sampled, wear-tested, and adjusted for the purpose of perfecting foundational staples.

We’ve always been good at making the cherry on top; now we want to take time to perfect the cake. We’ve had a lot of fun with the process and journey, we think you guys will too and can’t wait to share it with you.

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