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Grand Performances: Boogaloo Assassins

Grand Performances Presents: Boogaloo Assassins

September 17, 2021

6 Pm to 10 PM / California Plaza at 350 S Grand Street

Park at Grand Central Market at 308 S Hill Street

Grand Performances (GP) is LA's premiere free outdoor performing arts presenter and back this summer with an eclectic mix of high quality performing arts by world-renowned artists across genres.

Grab a bite at Grand Central Market before taking Angel's Flight Railway to the top of Bunker Hill as this Sunset Session features a live performance from Boogaloo Assassins. They will provide a heavy mixture of Afro-Latin rhythms, funky horn arrangements and soulful vocals that both define boogaloo as a genre and contribute to a much wider sound. Sets by DJ Cee Brown.

Free. All ages. Outdoors.

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