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Secret Movie Club Presents: A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut

December 11, 2021

6:30 PM / A Clockwork Orange Showtime

9:30 PM / Eyes Wide Shut Showtime

The Million Dollar Theater / Event Location

"It has all come to this! We finally get to close out our Kubrick Kaleidoscope series with the final two movies we haven't yet shown: 1971's A Clockwork Orange and 1999's Eyes Wide Shut.

In some strange ways, these movies actually go together. Both feature a "first half/second half" through the looking glass structure. Both deal with how the working class/middle class find themselves at the mercy of the strange and nefarious dealings of the shadowy rich and powerful and politically connected.

But of course, like all Kubrick, they are also completely their own things.

A Clockwork Orange was Kubrick's follow up after 2001 and it created a firestorm of controversy. Based on the Anthony Burgess novel, A Clockwork Orange is narrated by and follows "ultra-violent" teen gang leader Alex who lives in a not so distant English future where he engages in tons of sex, violence, hooliganism with his band of "droogs". But when Alex is finally caught, he volunteers to undergo a new government experiment that promises to render him "safe" for society again and an early release.

But Kubrick and Burgess ask, what does a society do to Alex or anyone when they take away their free will? Even if they're morally reprehensible.

Filled with some of Kubrick's most iconic imagery and sequences, A Clockwork Orange is still a live wire film 50 years later.

We follow that with Kubrick's final movie: the Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starring Eyes Wide Shut. Eyes Wide Shut had been a passion project of Kubrick's since the 1960's. Based on the Arthur Schnitzler novella Traumnovelle (Dream Novel) which took place in early 20th century Vienna, Eyes Wide Shut transplants the story to modern day New York.

After an unsettling holiday party where they are both propositioned sexually by other people, married couple Bill and Alice Hartford smoke a joint and get ready to hang out. But soon Alice, upset at Bill's presumption that she Alice has sexual feelings for no one but Bill, reveals to Bill that she does INDEED feel sexually towards other men.

Bill, upset and bothered, then goes on a series of house calls (he's a doctor to the rich) and soon descends into an odyssey into the night of sexual strangeness.

Eyes Wide Shut like almost all Kubrick movies divided audiences upon its release who were expecting an erotic suspense thriller and instead got a dark odyssey into the married female and male sexual psyche.

What no one could have predicted was that Kubrick would end his career with one of his most optimistic and affirmative movies (alongside 2001) surprisingly asking unsettling questions about the rich and powerful but also affirming the centrality of the family.

A fascinating work and one of Kubrick's greatest movies (in this programmer's opinion) Eyes Wide Shut also takes place during the holidays! So it's a Christmas movie.

Come join us as we celebrate the master in style with two of his most provocative works. On 35mm!"

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