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Secret Movie Club Presents: John Carpenter's Halloween

Secret Movie Club Presents: Carpenter's Halloween

October 30, 2021

John Carpenter's Halloween (10:30 PM) / Showtime

The Million Dollar Theater / Location


"Our Halloween-o-thon October culminates in a Halloween-o-thon Extravaganza October 30-31st, 2021 at the Million Dollar Theater.

You can buy tickets to1 or 2 events or you can get an All-Day Pass for all 6 movies!

After our screening of David Lynch's TWIN PEAKS FIRE WALK WITH ME, we cross over the Halloween midnight threshold with John Carpenter's original HALLOWEEN. On 35mm!

What can (or should) you say about a movie that needs no introduction? The indie horror classic that launched a thousand imitations but no equals, Halloween tells the story of troubled killer Michael Myers who comes back to his home after escaping a mental institution to wreck havoc on the lives of babysitter Laurie and her friends on Halloween night.

Carpenter fully embraced the demands of his story and budget by crafting a cinematic knuckler, anchored by Jamie Lee Curtis's believable yet ultimately powerful and strong performance as a teenager confronted with unbelievable horror.

This is THE defining horror movie of the last 45+ years. And as the clock strikes midnight and Halloween-October 31, 2021-proper is upon us, we'll be watching the climax of John Carpenter's all-time immortal beloved horror classic."


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