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Secret Movie Club Presents "Frankenstein(35mm), "Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters" and Q&A with Mike Mignola, Jim Demonakos, and Kevin Konrad Hanna.

October 15, 2022

Event Time: Doors open at 5 PM.

Frankenstein (1931, dir by James Whale,  starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lancaster, Universal, 35mm) begins at 6 PM.  Running time: 97mins

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters(2022, dir by Jim Demonakos and Kevin Konrad Hanna, digital presentation) starts at 7:45 PM. Running time: 97mins

Q&A with Mike Mignola, Jim Demonakos, and Kevin Konrad Hanna starts at 9:30 PM

Frankenstein follows the obsessed scientist, Dr. Henry Frankenstein, as he attempts to create life by assembling a creature from body parts of the deceased. Aided by his loyal misshapen assistant, Fritz, Frankenstein succeeds in animating his monster, but it escapes into the countryside and begins to wreak havoc. Frankenstein searches for the elusive being and eventually must confront his tormented creation.

Mike Mignola: Drawing Monsters is a feature-length documentary about Mike Mignola and the creation of his comic book universe centered around "Hellboy".

Comic book artist and creator Mike Mignola as well as documentary filmmakers Jim Demonakos and Kevin Konrad Hanna join us for a Q&A about Mr. Mignola's process, love of cinema, and thoughts on the intersection of comic art, and cinema following the two movies.


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