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Secret Movie Club Presents: House on Haunted Hill and The Tingler

Secret Movie Club Presents: House on Haunted Hill & The Tingler

October 30, 2021

House on Haunted Hill (1 PM) / Showtime

The Tingler (3 PM) / Showtime

The Million Dollar Theater / Location


"We're presenting these two William Castle classics using spectacular EMERGO and PERCEPTO technology! That's right, we're gonna use the gimmicks that William Castle used in the 1950's to "enhance" the horror of your movie going experience.

And we're doing it in a movie palace. On 35mm prints!

First up is Castle's House on Haunted Hill which tells the tale of an eccentric Millionaire (Vincent Price) and his Wife who invite 5 people to stay in a haunted house for evening. If they can make it till morning, they'll each get $10,000.00.

Producer/Director Castle, a master at the gimmick, marketed that the movie would use "EMERGO!" technology in which horrific things would come right out to the audience.

We'll be doing the same. So beware!

Next up is Castle's other 1959 horror classic THE TINGLER which we're presenting with PERCEPTO technology as well! Here Vincent Price plays a scientist who discovers a parasite that feeds on its human host's fear. The Percepto technology consisted of buzzers on the seats of unsuspecting audience members and would zap them at certain moments to generate screams.

William Castle was the master at clever marketing to get folks to see his camp horror classics. We're going to learn from the master.

So come watch THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL and THE TINGLER complete with EMERGO and PERCEPTO vision on 35mm. IF YOU DARE!"


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