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Secret Movie Club Presents Obyashi's HOUSE

Secret Movie Club Presents: Obyashi's HOUSE (35mm)

October 30, 2021

Obyashi's HOUSE (5:15 PM) / Showtime

The Million Dollar Theater / Location


"Our Halloween-o-thon October culminates in a Halloween-o-thon Extravaganza October 30-31st, 2021 at the Million Dollar Theater.

You can buy tickets to just 1 or 2 events or you can get an All-Day Pass for all 6 movies!

After our William Castle matinee double, we wildly switch gears and show Nobuhiko Obayashi's Japanese cult classic HOUSE on 35mm!

If you've never seen HOUSE, you've never seen the full capacity of what cinema can do. Director Obayashi coming out of TV and commercials decided to use every trick in the book (and invent a whole host of new tricks) to tell his story of a group of teenage Japanese school girls who go to visit an eccentric Aunt in the country only to discover she's a bloodthirsty demon wanting to feast on their youth so she can get young herself.

And yet, the movie is a musical, happy go lucky, avante garde hilarious go for broke horror comedy coming of age story with scenes and effects and images you'll never forget.

A movie experience that defies writing come to the Million Dollar Theater movie palace to enjoy it in a setting like no other. On 35mm! "


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