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Secret Movie Club Presents: The Hudsucker Proxy, Edward Scissorhands & Batman Returns

December 4, 2021

4:30 PM / The Hudsucker Proxy Showtime

7 PM / Edward Scissorhands Showtime

9:30 PM / Batman Returns Showtime

The Million Dollar Theater / Event Location

"Our HOLIDAY MOVIE PARTY SERIES goes into full swing with a 35mm triple of sneaky, subversive holiday movies.

We start off with the Coen Brothers' THE HUDSUCKER PROXY. Made with their first really decent sized budget, the Coen Brothers (working with co-writer friend Sam Raimi) put it all up on the screen.

Working in manic imaginative Frank Capra-Preston Sturges comedic mode, the Brothers Coen tell the story of recent business graduate Norville Barnes (Tim Robbins) who is fully ready to work his way up from the mail room of Hudsucker Industries only to be immediately promoted to CEO after the previous CEO lept to his death after a board meeting.

Paul Newman chews the scenery with relish as the scheming board director with an idea (very similar to Mel Brooks' THE PRODUCERS) of using Barnes as a stooge to depress stock so the board can buy it all up.

Meanwhile ace reporter Amy Archer (Jennifer Jason Leigh) smells a rat and a story.

One of the Coens' unsung hilarious, fun, warm comedies (definitely in the RAISING ARIZONA, BIG LEBOWSKI, O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU vein) The Hudsucker Proxy builds to a holiday climax that will have you laughing AND thinking about It's A Wonderful Life.

We then shift to a Tim Burton holiday made at the height of his powers. First up is the touching, beautiful, suburban fairy tale of Edward Scissorhands which comedically tells the tale of poor Edward who was given scissors for hands by his inventor father (Vincent Price!). When Edward has to fend for himself outside the castle, he finds suburbia to be even crazier then his inventor father.

As Edward begins a series of hilarious, imaginative adventures and is taken in by the Boggs family, he and daughter Kim Boggs find themselves falling in love.

Somewhere between Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol, Edward Scissorhands is one of Burton's absolute best.

We then cap the night with possibly the kinkiest, horniest, most auteurist blockbuster ever made, Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Unlike any superhero before or since, Batman Returns finds Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne/Batman meeting his match for kink and misfitdom in Michelle Pfieffer's Catwoman. But these two misfit souls have to go up against uber misfits the Penguin (an unhinged Danny Devito) and Christopher Walken!!?!

Filled with wild imagery, penguins, dark humor, strange barely PG-13 BDSM fantasy games and. . .oh yeah did we mention it takes place at Christmas?

All of this on 35mm! Celebrate holidays the way they were meant to be celebrated! With crazy cinema ripe to be relished and rediscovered. In a movie palace!"

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