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The Rock & Armageddon

Secret Movie Club Presents: The Rock & Armageddon

January 15, 2022

7:30 PM / The Rock

9:45 PM / Armageddon

The Million Dollar Theater / Event Location



"Today we complete our 2 day series RE-EVALUATING MICHAEL BAY with the two movies that rocketed Michael Bay to the "summer blockbuster director club".

Although Bad Boys had been a surprise hit, it really was Bay's next movie The Rock that established the "Bay" formula.

You get explosions. You get Sean Connery firing off one-liners like his stint as James Bond was just a warm-up. You get Nicholas Cage realizing he likes these big budget movies. You get Bay doing that thing he does with complementary and opposite color schemes that shows he has a totally solid art background. . .

And. . .you get a lot of fun.

We follow this up with Bay's own follow-up, the big budget "regular Joe oil drillers are the only ones who can save us from an asteroid hurtling to our planet" summer blockbuster ARMAGEDDON.

In many ways, Armageddon represents the best and the most stereotypical of Michael Bay. But it's undeniable that Bay has come to deliver the goods and plant his flag on the rarefied moon soil of bankable summer blockbuster directors.

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll get a bunch of slo-mo American flag shots. You'll get a father-daughter story you didn't expect. You'll get thrown into the vortex of Bayhem. You can and you should question but you may also need to re-evaluate. . ."



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