Grand Central Market | Press Coverage | Zagat LA | By Lesley Balla Los Angeles has never lacked for great seafood spots, from Malibu to Downtown to the South Bay, and thanks to LA's recent poke craze and lobster roll madness — plus its always stellar sushi — finding .
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12 Hottest New Seafood Restaurants Around LA
July 20, 2015

By Lesley Balla

Los Angeles has never lacked for great seafood spots, from Malibu to Downtown to the South Bay, and thanks to LA's recent poke craze and lobster roll madness — plus its always stellar sushi — finding excellent seafood around town has never been easier. There's always room for more, however, which is why you shouldn't miss the hottest new pescatarian-friendly restaurants around LA right now. 


The Oyster Gourmet

Why It's Hot: Christophe Happillon's giant shell-shaped stand is one of the more unique newcomers to the historic Grand Central Market in Downtown — not only for its fantastic array of fresh seafood, but also for its design. A master ecallier, Happillon is to oysters what a sommelier is to wine. The staff will tell you everything he knows about an oyster, from the regional flavors imparted by the sea to its citrusy, minerally or cucumberlike qualities.

Must-Order: Freshly shucked oysters, for one. But also the tuna poke and the scallop ceviche. Beer and wine are available at the stand.

317 S. Broadway


La Tostaderia

Why It's Hot: The historic Grand Central Market continues to evolve with new stalls, but this one is a second project from one of the popular taco stands. Fernando Villagomez slings some mean carnitas at Las Morelianas, and this seafood counter under a neon mermaid sign is his latest success.

Must-Order: The puffy fried fish tacos, fresh citrusy ceviches and tostadas.

317 S. Broadway



Why It’s Hot: Mark Peel makes a comeback with his hot-pot seafood stall and fish market at the Grand Central Market. Everything is cooked in special steam pots right in front of customers.

Must-Order: Seattle fiserhman's stew full of clams, mussels and other shellfish, and the steamed fish of the day with kombu and dried mushroom broth.

317 S. Broadway

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