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5 Tips For A Luxury Trip To Los Angeles On A Budget

The Tastiest Food in Town Is Inexpensive

The city’s most delicious restaurants are some of the most affordable, Mr. Ilves said. Howlin’ Rays, for example, serves Nashville style fried chicken and is known for its hourlong lines. Grand Central Market, in the Downtown area, is home to an array of popular food vendors including La Tostaderia, serving Mexican ceviche, and Sticky Rice, serving an array of Thai dishes.

Other options: the Montebello area, situated just outside of the city, has excellent Chinese food including dim sum. Sawtelle Boulevard, in West L.A., is lined with Japanese restaurants including ones serving ramen and sushi, and Mid-Wilshire is full of great Korean joints.

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Los Angeles, Once Gluten’s Heart of Darkness, Emerges as Bread Paradise

Long synonymous with carbo-phobia and anti-gluten mania, greater Los 
Angeles has become an unlikely bakery and bread haven.

The Los Angeles area, for all of its culinary diversity, has not historically been thought of as a haven for bread lovers. While it’s true that Nancy Silverton’s pioneering La Brea Bakery has produced artisan loaves since 1989, the area, rightly or wrongly, has a deeply entrenched reputation as a place where gluten fears to tread.

“I can remember a time when L.A. was the heart of darkness, the no-carb central,” said Zack Hall, the owner of Clark Street Bread. “But we’re also a city that has great pride in food and restaurants and really cares about high-quality ingredients.”

Clark Street, which Mr. Hall founded in 2014 and operates out of a stall in downtown’s Grand Central Market, is one of several bakeries that have helped greater Los Angeles emerge over the past few years as an unlikely bread paradise. 

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