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Building Lives and Community Through Sandwiches: The Story of Ghost Sando

In the bustling heart of Los Angeles' Grand Central Market, an oasis has emerged that transcends the realm of delicious sandwiches. Ghost Sando, the brainchild of entrepreneur Benjamin Sales, is not just about crafting mouthwatering delicacies, but about fostering a sense of community, empowerment, and inspiration through extraordinary food. The journey from an army sergeant to a thriving entrepreneur showcases his unyielding commitment to nurturing relationships and creating a space that changes lives.

Benjamin's journey to becoming a sando maestro has been anything but conventional. As an army sergeant, he honed skills that later proved pivotal in his entrepreneurial endeavors: discipline, teamwork, and the value of meaningful connections. Drawing inspiration from his time in vibrant New York, he embarked on a mission to translate his passion for NYC food into Ghost Pizza—a venture that would set the foundation for his community-centric approach.

Following the success of Ghost Pizza, Benjamin's ambitions soared even higher. When the opportunity arose with a vacant space next to Ghost Pizza, he unveiled Ghost Sando. Beyond the delectable sandwiches that quickly garnered a cult following, Ghost Sando became a haven where individuals could connect, share stories, and feel a sense of home.

Benjamin was inspired by his Fiance's Armenian heritage and with her assistance, he has intertwined Armenian Heritage with the Classic Subs we love. Each Sandwich is unlike anything you will find in LA. Armenian spices and ingredients give each bite a kick while remaining deliciously savory with Boar's Head Meats all jam-packed in sweetly toasted Dutch Oven Bread.

In the heart of Los Angeles, Ghost Sando stands as a symbol of culinary excellence, empowerment, and community. Benjamin's vision has transcended the realm of food, becoming a beacon of inspiration for all those who seek to forge connections and make a difference. Through Ghost Sando, Benjamin has not only created a business but has also woven a tapestry of lives that are enriched, empowered, and united by the simple pleasure of sharing a meal.

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