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Exploring Flavors and Heritage at Teddys Tiny Bites

In the heart of innovation and mouthwatering delights, Teddys Tiny Bites stands as a testament to the passion and creativity of its founders, Paul Manjikian and Robert Baburian. United by their Armenian-American heritage and lifelong friendship, this dynamic duo has embarked on a delectable adventure that tantalizes taste buds.

Paul and Robert share more than just a friendship; they share a deep-seated passion for both food and innovation. While Paul's expertise in the legal realm shines in the streets of LA, Robert's role in managing his family’s well-established grocery store has cultivated within him a profound appreciation for the culinary arts. Their distinct yet complementary backgrounds have converged to create something truly extraordinary.

At the heart of Teddy's Tiny Bites are their exceptional mini pancake creations. These miniature wonders serve as a canvas where their Armenian heritage mingles with imaginative flavors. It's not just about the food; it's about the experience. The duo's shared fascination with the culinary world has led them to carefully craft each mini pancake set to perfection, delivering a symphony of flavors that tell stories of tradition and innovation.

"Ashta" Mini Pancakes

Among their array of culinary treasures, the "Ashta" mini pancakes steal the spotlight. These delicate pancakes artfully intertwine their Middle Eastern roots with a burst of creativity. Adorned with an orange blossom drizzle and a generous sprinkle of crushed pistachios, these pancakes are a true homage to their heritage and creativity. It's a bite that encapsulates centuries of tradition and a dash of contemporary flair, all in one.

With the opening of their stall at Grand Central Market on the horizon, Paul and Robert are on the brink of a new chapter in their journey. Their aspiration is not just to serve food but to establish a haven of innovation and inclusivity. Rooted in their unwavering commitment to quality and taste, their stall is poised to become a welcoming and friendly place to find yourself in Downtown Los Angeles.

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