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Grand Central Market Inducted into LA Times Best Restaurants Hall of Fame

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that has brought an extra layer of flavor to our historic hall – Grand Central Market has been inducted into the prestigious LA Times Best Restaurants Hall of Fame! This recognition is not just an honor for us but a celebration of the rich flavors, cultures, and experiences that have made us an integral part of Southern California's culinary scene.

"Grand Central Market stands at many crossroads: permanence and change, perseverance and gentrification, the American Dream and capitalist reality, even shelter and open air." - LA Times

Our marketplace is more than just a destination; it's a living testament to the ever-evolving spirit of Los Angeles. We stand as a symbol of the delicate balance between tradition and innovation, welcoming everyone to savor the diverse offerings that define the heartbeat of Southern California.

"On weekends especially, you're not so much walking among the vendors and neon signs as being swept along, like the surge through exits at the end of a Lakers game."

Step into our vibrant world during the weekends, and you'll find yourself on a sensory journey through a bustling atmosphere filled with the enticing aromas of diverse cuisines. It's not just a stroll; it's an experience that immerses you in the lively energy reminiscent of the excitement after a winning Lakers game.

"Follow one row to pupusas revueltas with crisp, chile-speckled curtido at Sarita's Pupuseria and to Wexler Deli's pastrami, sliced thick as blocks and layered with sauerkraut between slices of rye."

As you wander through our labyrinthine rows, you'll discover culinary gems like Sarita's Pupuseria and Wexler Deli, each offering a unique and delectable experience. Whether you're craving pupusas with a kick or thick slices of pastrami stacked high, our vendors are culinary artisans, contributing to the allure that has made Grand Central Market a beloved destination for over 100 years.

"What's the market's latest breakout star? Head around another bend to find out."

One of the most thrilling aspects of Grand Central Market is the constant sense of discovery. As you navigate through our corners and bends, the anticipation builds – what's the latest breakout star? We invite you to explore and find out for yourself, as our ever-evolving nature keeps patrons on their toes, promising new and exciting experiences around every corner.

Grand Central Market's induction into the LA Times 101 Best Restaurants in LA Hall of Fame is not just an accolade; it's a celebration of the flavors, stories, and memories that have shaped us into a cultural landmark. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our vendors, patrons, and the vibrant city of Los Angeles for making us a part of the cultural fabric. Join us on this ongoing adventure as we continue to redefine what it means to eat, live, and celebrate in Southern California. Cheers to many more years of delectable moments at Grand Central Market!

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