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Sushi Rush Open at Grand Central Market!

Sushi Rush has opened at Grand Central Market, a captivating establishment founded by Tomohiko "Tomo" Kawamura and co-founded by Nao Kikuchi. They offer a one-of-a-kind sushi experience that beautifully blends tradition with innovation. With over 20 years of combined experience and a deep passion for Japanese cuisine, the duo aims to redefine how people enjoy sushi, making it accessible to all with their delightful and casual approach.

The Masterminds Behind Sushi Rush

The brainchild of Tomo Kawamura, hailing from Fukuoka, Japan, Sushi Rush is a culmination of his rich experience as a sushi chef in renowned restaurants across Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. Tomo's expertise in sushi preparation and presentation shines through in every dish, and he ensures that Sushi Rush maintains an authentic and traditional approach, delivering truly remarkable sushi.

Nao Kikuchi, the co-founder of Sushi Rush, also brings an impressive background to the table. Originally from Toyama, Japan, Nao has worked in a significant revolving sushi chain in Japan and managed her own restaurant in Los Angeles. Her refined palate and culinary vision allow her to craft exquisite sushi dishes that embody her Japanese heritage beautifully. She shares her favorite creations with patrons with passion and joy, creating an unforgettable culinary journey for each guest.

Let's Sushi: A Unique Concept

At Sushi Rush, the founders envisioned sushi as more than a formal dining experience. They aimed to create a delightful and casual affair that everyone could enjoy without compromising on the quality found in upscale establishments. Thus, the theme "Let's Sushi" was born – an inviting concept that welcomes all to indulge in the magic of sushi.

Signature Dishes: A Journey to New Heights

Sushi Rush offers an array of delectable options, but two standout dishes have garnered immense popularity. The first is the 8PC Sushi, a delightful selection that combines the finest ingredients and precise techniques to elevate the sushi experience. The second is the Rushroll, an open handroll known as "SushiRushi," which introduces a fresh twist on the traditional roll. Together, these dishes promise to transport taste buds to new heights of sushi appreciation.

Creating a Culinary Haven at GCM

Situated in the heart of Grand Central Market, Sushi Rush has strategically chosen this iconic landmark to share the essence of Japanese food culture with a diverse audience. By providing innovative and various sushi options, the founders hope to attract a broad customer base, both seasoned sushi enthusiasts and newcomers eager to embark on a new sushi adventure.

Shaved Ice: A Summer Treat to Remember

In addition to its remarkable sushi offerings, Sushi Rush brings a refreshing treat to beat the summer heat. Japanese-style shaved ice takes center stage, with premium ice carefully imported from Japan, ensuring a unique and unrivaled texture. To elevate the experience further, homemade syrup crafted from all-natural ingredients infuses each spoonful with authentic flavors. Don't miss the chance to savor this delightful shaved ice during scorching summer days!

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