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Trojan has a grand vision for L.A.’s historic Grand Central Market
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Trojan Has a Grand Vision For L.A.’s Historic Grand Central Market

By Matthew Kredell

In his first job out of college, Adam Daneshgar worked atop Bunker Hill in downtown Los Angeles as a financial consultant for a real estate company. Frequently, he would trek down the stairs along Angels Flight and cross the street to Grand Central Market to enjoy one of his favorite lunches at an Argentine eatery that specialized in empanadas.

Three years ago, Daneshgar was back in the area as founder and president of Langdon Street Capital. He stopped by the historic L.A. venue and couldn’t believe how much it had changed, with a slew of new food concepts bringing long lines and a broader demographic. He figured the transformation must have been the result of new ownership, and he couldn’t help but feeling like it was a missed opportunity.

When he later learned that the venue hadn’t changed hands, he put his sentiment toward Grand Central Market into a heartfelt letter to the owner. That’s how, at 34 years old, the graduate of the USC Price School of Public Policy’s Dollinger Master of Real Estate Development program came to acquire one of the most iconic sites in Los Angeles.

“Owning a food-centric marketplace had always been one of my dream projects,” Daneshgar said. “I love being social, being out and about, and being around people. And I love to eat. Working in real estate, if I could have owned one project, it would have been Grand Central Market.” 

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