Sushi Rush

Founded by Tomohiko "Tomo" Kawamura, with over two decades of restaurant experience, and co-founded by Nao Kikuchi, a culinary visionary, this establishment redefines the sushi experience. With a delightful and casual approach inspired by their theme "Let's Sushi," Sushi Rush offers an array of innovative and traditional sushi options, including the highly recommended 8PC Sushi and the Rushroll (open handroll) "SushiRushi." The founders' goal is to create a top-notch sushi experience for a diverse customer base while immersing guests in the beauty of Japanese culture. Don't forget to cool off with their premium Japanese-style shaved ice, carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients, making it an ideal treat during hot summer days.


Monday through Sunday (Except Wednesday): 11:30 AM - 8 PM
Wednesday: 11:30 AM - 5 PM